First Run and Startup

The first time that you run Rocketry Tools the screen at the right will appear. This shows the progress as the program places the thrust curve files onto your SD card. This process only happens the first time that you run the program, but if at some time you wish to re-run this process there is an option in the settings menu to do so. You may want to re-install the motor thrust curves if at some point you decided to delete some of them and then want them back.

You can add your own thrust curves if you want to or delete thrust curves that you do not want from the program. The thrust curves are located on your SD card in the directory /RocketryTools/ThrustCurves/.










Each time that you run Rocketry Tools the screen at the right will appear for a short time. This shows the progress as the program loads the motor thrust curves into memory. The specific thrust curves that are loaded can be controlled by settings in the Settings Menu. There you can control which manufacturers motors get loaded and specify what range of motors that you normally fly with. This allows you to customize the loaded motor set to your liking.












After the thrust curves have been loaded you may also see this screen. While this screen is displayed the program is loading your saved rockets into memory.












Main Menu Desc


After the above processes have completed, the Main Menu will appear. This screen allows you to reach the various parts of the program.

Models - this is where you add your own rockets and perform flight simulation

Motors - allows you to browse through the motor thrust curves and compare motors to each other

Ejection - is used to determine ejection charge size

Parachute - is used to determine parachute size

Log - allows you to log your flights

Environment - allows you to set specific parameters about your launch site

From this page you can also reach the Settings Menu by pressing the menu button on your device.